We are a full-service dental studio that takes a holistic approach to our patients’ overall wellness, providing restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to families throughout the GTA.


Gelinas Dental Studio - General Oral Exams and Cleaning

Oral Exams & Cleanings

Plaque can accumulate around the teeth and under the gums, causing a multitude of dental problems. From symptoms as significant as tooth decay or bone loss, to day-to-day experiences of halitosis (bad breath) – routine cleanings at Gelinas can protect and rid the mouth of harmful bacteria so you can keep on smiling’.

Gelinas Dental Studio - General Sports’ Guards Fittings

Sports’ Guards Fittings

Protect those pearly whites at all times – especially if you’re involved in high-impact sports with the risk of a chipped or lost tooth. Gelinas Dental Studio provides sports guards individually designed and customized to fit your mouth, just right.

Gelinas Dental Studio - General TMJ / Grinding

TMJ / Grinding

TMJ stands for temporal-mandibular joint, which is essential for your jaw’s function and movement. Experiencing discomfort in this joint may be due to misalignment of the teeth, dental or oral trauma, and/or excessive muscle tension. The grinding at night or unintentional biting down while sleeping that results can cause pain and damage to your teeth. If you have problems with grinding, clenching or TMJ, we can help you get a good night’s sleep, as well as improve your smile!


Gelinas Dental Studio - Cosmetics - Bonding


Want to close a small gap, fix a slight chip, or hide noticeable erosion spots? Bonding might be the solution for you! Cosmetic composites – AKA bonds – can mimic the lifelike appearance of natural teeth without the reduction of tooth structure, so you can smile confidently and comfortably. 

Gelinas Dental Studio - Cosmetics - Crowns


Crowns are full-coverage restorations used to cover a tooth that is likely to break or is too damaged to be corrected with a traditional filling. If you need to strengthen your smile, crowns might be the solution for you. 

Gelinas Dental Studio - Cosmetics - Veneers


Don't settle for anything less than a confident smile. Veneers can change the colour, shape, and length of your teeth, to completely transform your smile into one that you’re proud to show off!

Gelinas Dental Studio - Cosmetics - Whitening


Want to put the sparkle back into your smile? Our easy, non-invasive whitenings remove years of stain and discolour in a single 1-hour treatment. Get ready to shine!


Gelinas Dental Studio - Repair - Tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings

Say goodbye to metal fillings! If you’re like most people, you may want fillings that match the natural color of your teeth, rather than have silver lining your smile. We offer the future of fillings right here, with improved esthetics and lack of mercury for a healthy, strong smile. 

Gelinas Dental Studio - Repair - Bridges


If you’ve lost a tooth and aren’t able to get a dental implant, or if your health history precludes you from getting implants, a bridge may be the right treatment for you. A bridge can solve the same problems that implants can, offering our patients a solution that takes their particular needs and circumstances into account. 


Gelinas Dental Studio - Smile Makeover - Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery

Have you developed gum disease or gingivitis? There are several types of gum surgeries we can recommend, and our very own periodontist, Dr. Said, will take great care of you!

Gelinas Dental Studio - Smile Makeover - Invisalign


Gone are the days of Metal Mouth; say goodbye to broken wires and flossing nightmares. Clear aligners are proven to achieve healthy movement of your teeth, with ease of brushing and flossing without the unsightly appearance of rubber bands and brackets!

Gelinas Dental Studio - Smile Makeover - Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Unfortunately, there are times when it’s not possible to save a tooth. Dental implants are metal posts that are surgically put into the jawbone beneath your gums, to provide stable support for artificial teeth. Implants can ensure that surrounding teeth do not need a bridge, and can fill up your smile in the case that you’ve lost or never had certain teeth.

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