At the Studio, we see day in and day out the negative effects of irregular and improper oral hygiene habits. Our role is not only to prevent these detrimental effects on teeth and gums but also to educate, listen and support each of our clients.  We need to form healthy habits that will last.

Most of us believe brushing harder and faster is the most effective way to clean our teeth. We get it, you’re busy and devoting time to your dental health seems daunting. It’s difficult to visualize how our current habits can affect our teeth and gums but it all starts with a realistic routine.  There is no quick fix to oral health- this is a marathon.

When it comes to brushing we know a few things for certain: a toothbrush should be changed every three months, soft bristles are an absolute must, 2-minutes for a proper clean, and a light grasp to prevent the tendency to scrub.  Quip meets all the essentials and takes the guesswork out.  If you are a current client, you’ve seen them at the Studio and have probably heard us talking about them.

Quip brushes are beautifully made, easy to travel with, affordable and convenient for small or minimalist spaces. Ditch the bulky charging dock occupying real estate on the countertop. This brush uses a battery, making it perfect for small or minimalist spaces. And the colours- who wouldn’t want a matte black or rose gold toothbrush?




It’s a subscription service, how convenient is that? A new soft bristle brush head is mailed every three months with the option for toothpaste. What most people don’t know is that overusing a toothbrush leads to gum recession and enamel wear. The bristles harbour bacteria and become splayed, meaning they aren’t contacting teeth properly. Toothbrush bristles are made rounded, protecting delicate gums and teeth. Over time, those rounded edges become worn and rough, needing replacement.

In order to have healthy gums, plaque needs to be effectively removed from tooth surfaces.  Being more thorough leads to less inflammation and decreases the risk of developing cavities. Most of us know we should be brushing for two minutes, twice daily but two minutes is longer than you think.  Quip brushes have sensitive sonic vibrations with a two minute timer, and a pause every 30 seconds, prompting you to move to another quarter of the mouth. By simplifying the process it makes us become better brushers.  Becoming better at brushing will make our mouth healthier.

A question we often ask clients when we see signs of wear and recession is to show us how they hold their toothbrush. Nine out of ten times it’s with a strong fist, leading to the habit of scrubbing. Quip’s design is so sleek and slender, it encourages a lighter grasp which will naturally have you brushing in a more gentle motion.


Since introducing Quip into our office we have noticed one thing- clients are asking us about these beautiful brushes all the time. Clients that have made the switch have become more compliant, shown a decrease in plaque accumulation and gingival bleeding suggesting that convenience leads to compliance.  Maybe it’s the enthusiasm of an instagrammable brush. Either way, just remember it’s about developing healthy habits for the long haul. Healthy habits lead to healthier mouths, that’s why we suggest Quip to all of our clients.